Friday, February 25, 2011

Well...well...A ROPE OF SAND!!

Damn, it's been...a while. I'm a lazy nigga. Anyways, I've had many adventures during the year, none of which will be shared you. Ha. I made myself laugh. Score.

I've gotten more into my lil $40 acoustic guitar and now I want to do a duet with someone. Shit would be cash. I'm a good back up singer, but lead vocals...neh. MY lead vocals are only hip-hop oriented. Speaking of which here's a new rap of mine called, "R.A.P. (Rhythm and Poetry)"

The link is the beat, and here's the lyrics:

Rhythm and poetry, come flow with me.
Exploding words from obscure thoughts conceived.
Believe in me who released the truth.
The truth is absolute, so keep ya mind bullet proof.
Never stoop too low or you'll be on your knees.
Perceive perfection or burn beyond a billion degrees.
Moonlight guides my thought to new levels.
Take the treble out and let the bass bust loud.
Crowd faces me and there's no way I stutter.
Making flows smoother than lanolin based cocobutter.
You shutter from the beast inside me.
Rhythm and poetry wont you come guide me.
Like the way I talk then you can walk right beside me.
Icy winds cool my temper, now I'm dieing like the ember.
Remember thoughts of rhythm and poetry.

Rhythm and Poetry means I flow lively.
The jive give you jitters and sweetens the bittered.
Sparkin tunes to inspire the withered.
I'm not the taker; I'm clearly the giver.
Never a quitter, I skitter across the sands of time.
Lay lines divine that sparkle bright in the stary night.
Right hand is free, but the left holds the M. I.C.
I set the record straight plainly.
I'm the disdain. No, I'm not the opressor.
I stain your brain with words quell your pain.
Yes. I'm beyond gifted, you can say I'm supercalafragalistic.
And I'm especially the dopest.
Quote the words that I wrote.
I might elope and run away and take the mic to a new plane.
Name's Master Flows Moses.
Rhythm and poetry smokes like the dopeness.

Rhythm and poetry, metaphors and similies spoke to me.
Mad synergy made by a mad man.
Clasped hands, a deep embrace,
waining moon lights your face.
Twilight hugs your hips,
magic warmth fills your fingertips.
Never let the record skip.
As you know Moses is sweeter than honey dip.
Drop the wise talk and I'll show you how a real man rocks.
Stop the presses, stop the clocks.
Use this gun to shatter the locks, and TNT for the writer's block.
You better wise up if you wanna get down.
No jokes, jukes nor clowns.
Just playin that Flomont sound.
Rhythmic skills of the wise tongue denys fun to no one.
Cut the notes throat, break neck, no i won't choke.
Masterful Moses breaks down the flows.
Shinin brighter than platinum. Brighter than gold.

Stay fresh.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Headin to school soon...

Ah man, headin' out to Anthropology in about 30mins, so I thought I'd make a post! Yeah, yeah, get it suckas.
Just listenin' to some music, my anthropology class is really easy we just watch videos and take notes. Super easy. Super dooooper.

I have an uncanny attraction to red heads.

Monday, September 27, 2010

D-d-doin the Rounds!

With delicious circles!

Delicious alternative art makes me happy! So I thought I'd share this. I got to get up for class in like 5 and half hours haha, so I'm going to check out everyone's blogs to see what new content yall have put up. So tell me what you guys are doing with ya lives right now and how you're doing currently and what you want with life. I'm a Geology majour and I know nothing about rocks so everything is new to me, but it's really cool and challenging . I really hope I can pass these classes because Geology seems really cool and it's quite lucrative here in Nevada. We got mountains :3 Plus I can always hit up Alaska or like Iceland and shit. Shit's dope son. So hit me up guys :D My names Moses btw.

Carebear to the max.

I'm happy to see you guys.

I get to sit next to this visage of un-Earthly beauty in my Geology class every Monday. I swears to god I will make her mine, or at least make a grandiose attempt! Stay fresh my friends and stay well.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It has been a while...

Hey guys! Sorry I hasn't posted in a while or done anything, I've been quite busy with school. But anyways, I recorded one of my raps:

It's my Parables Are For Fools rap. It's okay, had to film it on my webcam on my lappytop. So it's kinda low quality, but BEAR with me.

Who's excited for Dexter? I am!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fucking A

I would like to be explained in detail why voting for a 3rd party candidate is a waste of a vote and why I should be part of a shoddy 2 party system. I would also like to know whether you're red or blue. And I wanna know why you are and why I should be. I have failed to see the appeal of constantly being let-down.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 80's and early to mid 90's

Is probably one of the most dynamic periods in the history of pop music. Alternative styles have taken over everything mainstream. Hiphop and Rock n Roll were both affected by this trend of people experimenting with synthesizers and computers. Pure magic was made in the 80s and 90s.

Hip hop had some truly crazy tracks and artists that are true essence of experimental. Anything goes in this period of music, many styles came and went. Here's an example:

sorry 4 sound quality. Anyways, this track is crazy and cool and that's what I gotta say.

Here's me in a towel.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey guys,

I'm takin a day or two off to catch up with school. But when I come back I'm showin everybody some love. Take it easy and share the love friends.

Lison. She's hot as hellll.