Monday, September 27, 2010

D-d-doin the Rounds!

With delicious circles!

Delicious alternative art makes me happy! So I thought I'd share this. I got to get up for class in like 5 and half hours haha, so I'm going to check out everyone's blogs to see what new content yall have put up. So tell me what you guys are doing with ya lives right now and how you're doing currently and what you want with life. I'm a Geology majour and I know nothing about rocks so everything is new to me, but it's really cool and challenging . I really hope I can pass these classes because Geology seems really cool and it's quite lucrative here in Nevada. We got mountains :3 Plus I can always hit up Alaska or like Iceland and shit. Shit's dope son. So hit me up guys :D My names Moses btw.

Carebear to the max.

I'm happy to see you guys.

I get to sit next to this visage of un-Earthly beauty in my Geology class every Monday. I swears to god I will make her mine, or at least make a grandiose attempt! Stay fresh my friends and stay well.