Monday, September 6, 2010

My Crew: The Moonlighters

Hey guys,
I thought I'd let you guys get to know me a lil better by showing you my friends, The Moonlighters. We get dressed up in suits and hats every friday night and go to iHoP on Las Vegas Blvd, then we hit up Town Square.
We like to take pictures. We like to sing. We make noise. We are harmless. We are the Men who Don Suit and Hats. We are the Moonlighters.

The above picture is me.

This is all of us, the one in front is Jesus. He stole all our hats. The one behind Jesus is my bro Tyler follow by Dr. Dreiman, Josh and me on the ground.

Jesus on the left, Tyler on the right.

A flying pic of me.

Me surprise attacking Dr.Dreiman.

real. life. experience.

Mr. Bosk and Tyler.

a million me's.


You make me feel.

One of our first pictures. Dr. Dreiman, Me (Moses) and Jesus.


  1. looks like you were having fun

  2. Nice doood, sick hat btw

  3. Hahah, nice

    Like stoner comics? Give me a follow and click around, I'll be sure to do the same

  4. sounds like good times

  5. you guys do this shit on the strip?!

  6. awsome blog bro

    thanx for support <3

    keep up the good work

  7. i need to poop

    Check it

  8. good shots.

  9. catloaf is like wtf is this shit

  10. Looks like fun, I wish I had time to do that. XD