Friday, September 10, 2010

Visioneers - It's Simple

A fantastic jazz/hip hop instrumental. It's light, bouncy and some what seductive in a way they guitar, bass and drum mix. Anyways, I wrote a lil rap for it. Once I get a web cam or something I'll post me actually rapping.

When we cruise the beats the Flo provide,
never lie, guided by moonlight
the sounds smooth, suave and quite right.
Quiet nights bring pleasant sounds.
Goods vibes in ya soul start to surround nearby clouds.
Now ya gettin down. no way to resist the sound.
Debonair. Slick, awesome, fantastic utterly sweet and not dramatic.
Waves of cool keep relaxin. Keep Moses on the track,
bend, groove, slide wiggle. Just dance with me a lil.
Get close to me and the musicality.
Dance on fallen pedals.
Dance with me and you'll be free.

Always choose it. The right mood seems lucid.
Tranquil. Just a dream created by Me.
The epitome of Super Sexy.
In the bed you receive a blessing.
Fantasy of love in your core.
Beggin me askin for more.
Oh my how I adore the love you abhor.
Score, boom goes the dynamite
and I'm sure to win every fight.
You're caught in my iron-sights.

Never leave you alone, keep haunting in the night.
Moses will be here, paladin of holy light.
I smite, and all evil goes away.
And my grimmace starts to fade when I see your pretty face.
Not a rat race when it comes to ya love.
Seems like I fit in lick a glove.
Master Key, truly Mosey slips right in.
Sharp shooter's scopin and your heart's wide open.
Come and take a dip into the Lover's whip we groovin like the ocean.
Love train locomotion, sippin on my love potion,
extremely potent, my heart is pointin
right at yours.

Our hearts intertwine on the beats and when we feel right
the rhymes combine and form love on us the 9th night.
I go high and you lay low, just like the beast prose,
do a sexy pose. Take off ya sexy clothes.
Oh, you know Mose got it and all that.
Took ya from the front, now I want it back.
Smooth like the sax playin on the CD,
i creep in swiftly and come in cozy.


  1. very nice song, thanks for introducing me to it!

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