Saturday, September 4, 2010

My rap: The Moonlighters

This is to the Sic Sense instrumental:

The moon shines so well up there in the night sky,
that's why I'm doin my thing with my crew,
ain't no need to ask why, just sit there and listen to our vibe.
The streets shake from the quake of the bass,
Flomont comin in from outter space,
They way we looks, seems a tad outta place.
Our waists are buckled with mic's and the heads of emcees we slay,
We YAKUZA in the day, and we Moonlighters in the night,
aint no way our rhymes can be seen, they out of sight.
Out of mind, out of the way, watch out for my might.
Despite my small appearance, I'll tear your ass up with my clear fist.
The dear clouds looked like mist, a whisp covering up the Moon.
But the light'll still shine through and bring power to the Flomont crew.
The men who dawn suits and hats are few.
But we seem like many.
And I'm saving up every single penny.

It's a mind blast how fast the world changes,
and still through all this time,
I find myself, stuck, in Vegas.
Tryin to make wages, but there are no stages.
Berserk rage inside, a deep fire, the kind of burnin desire,
that nothin can quell this innerfire, it stays, glowing bright.
The luminosity guides me in my fight,
to get out of this wicked place of no-good blight.
But's aight, I got my team, my crew, my true CREAM.
However my dream is to be on a stage and hear the crowds scream the name:
Aint no pipe in this one, you know why?
I got the passion. So be warey, cuz these rhymes I spit are scary.
I'm daring. Staring straight in the eyes of the Devil and laughing in the face of danger.
Beware, for I hold the eyes of the Ranger.

I'm not a stranger to rap. It's music so don't abuse it.
Just get loose to it. Get juiced to it. Get used it.
It seems to me that you're new to it.
Or new to us, the crew without the crust.
But we're the crew that you should trust,
because we're amazing and utterly astonishing.
My crew stays strong with me, you get caught in the bombing.
Hiroshima, Nagaseki, you'll be dropped if you keep talking.
We're the shadow that is stalking the daylight,
otherwise known as the night. What guides me soul is the moonlight.


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