Sunday, September 5, 2010

Parables Are For Fools.

This handsome man is Guru, emcee of Gang Starr. The God of Rap. Guru stands for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. He's a magnificent rapper who uses powerful words and whitty word play to make great music. He innovated Jazz/Hip Hop fusion with his album series: Guru's Jazzmatazz, which was critically acclaimed... Anyways, this isn't about him. He's just a dude I admire, I wrote a rap that I think he would've appreciated so here it is:

Parables are for fools,
I carry the tools provided to enlighten a crowd,
install a volume button that's not too loud.
Pride is a sin, but you gotta sin to win so I'm proud.
Somethin smells fishy like trout,
I think it's your crappy sound.
Tryin be profound when all you found was the ground.
From there you start to pray, but don't listen to me.
I'll guide you the wrong way.
Killer words spat like addicts to be burned and to be played.
Stay mystified by life and don't forget it's infinite.
Starlight, I'm into it as long your into this.
Nod ya head, bump ya fist I don't give a fuck,
just enlist to my fanship and we can make a kinship,
It's Vegas I win chips, I'm with Flomont.
We rip this. Livin our life the way we want.
Unwarranted aggression is a bad lesson,
if you wanna get hurt don't be testin,
our patience is our weapon.
Flomont's streets ain't for the weak souls.
The darkness secreets minions to reap those,
who do not follow the Master Flows.
Seeds grow to plants, I try to keep it simple,
but fool keep tryin to recant.
They need a relaxant.
Roll a joint and make a track spin.
Make sure it's Moses and make sure Flomont's in.
Tangaray Gin and juice in my tummy,
my rhymes make it sunny,
it's a soul you lack jack so don't be on the attack,
tryin to make millions on words that can't stack.
Words are more than paper,
my words are lightsabers.
fuck paper chasers,
paper chases progress,
so it's no wonder why I'm on this,
I leave the crowds astonished,
hitchin my wagon like the amish.
Moses will never bomb it. Time to get on with it.
The show, you can never plow my snow.
Like an automobile, lyrically on the go.
liek the rose grows from my prose,
I build a scheme to steal the show,
Poverty sucks so you got a lot to live for,
cancel out friends and make cash galore.
You reppin' CREAM for sure,
Never realized you sold your soul.
Shoe's soless, grand dragon Master Moses.
Kickin the tunes, never fakes, flakes or flukes.
Make the box dance like it was a juke.
I puke from weak things that weak emcees speak.
my soul they doth leech, so I beseech the men of flomont street.
To each his own, Master Flowz is home grown.
Rhymes is bright which why they shown.
smoke a blunt and now you feelin blown.
Away and back these words tightly scripted in black,
you can even try to hack, but that wont get ya too much.
Master Flowz ate this beat like it was made for lunch.
Crunch! Like Godzilla to Hiroshima, they call me the smoke blowa.
Show a ho a piece of the pie that Moses flow can't deny.


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  2. wow that must have taken a long time to write!! good job

  3. wow love it

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  4. those are some nice lyrics my frined ;)

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  5. damn love gangstarr, mass appeal is my joint.
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  6. I like the lyrics, but I have one question: Why does rappers love to use the word "fool" so much?

  7. Hmmm, I dunno. I just thought it would be good to use it in a way that isn't callin em a fool cuz they're dumb, but because they made a foolish action by believing in Parables(bible type stuff).

  8. cool story bro!

  9. haha ur great

  10. sick beat yo


  11. Love gang starr. Personal favorite is bring the noise. Its great man.

    Keep up with the updates.
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  13. thanks for the support!

  14. wow, that's some awesome talent!
    I'm sure he'd appreciate your time and effort

  15. very interesting! need moar posts from you...