Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Headin to school soon...

Ah man, headin' out to Anthropology in about 30mins, so I thought I'd make a post! Yeah, yeah, get it suckas.
Just listenin' to some music, my anthropology class is really easy we just watch videos and take notes. Super easy. Super dooooper.

I have an uncanny attraction to red heads.

Monday, September 27, 2010

D-d-doin the Rounds!

With delicious circles!

Delicious alternative art makes me happy! So I thought I'd share this. I got to get up for class in like 5 and half hours haha, so I'm going to check out everyone's blogs to see what new content yall have put up. So tell me what you guys are doing with ya lives right now and how you're doing currently and what you want with life. I'm a Geology majour and I know nothing about rocks so everything is new to me, but it's really cool and challenging . I really hope I can pass these classes because Geology seems really cool and it's quite lucrative here in Nevada. We got mountains :3 Plus I can always hit up Alaska or like Iceland and shit. Shit's dope son. So hit me up guys :D My names Moses btw.

Carebear to the max.

I'm happy to see you guys.

I get to sit next to this visage of un-Earthly beauty in my Geology class every Monday. I swears to god I will make her mine, or at least make a grandiose attempt! Stay fresh my friends and stay well.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It has been a while...

Hey guys! Sorry I hasn't posted in a while or done anything, I've been quite busy with school. But anyways, I recorded one of my raps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG66SKzCu5g

It's my Parables Are For Fools rap. It's okay, had to film it on my webcam on my lappytop. So it's kinda low quality, but BEAR with me.

Who's excited for Dexter? I am!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fucking A

I would like to be explained in detail why voting for a 3rd party candidate is a waste of a vote and why I should be part of a shoddy 2 party system. I would also like to know whether you're red or blue. And I wanna know why you are and why I should be. I have failed to see the appeal of constantly being let-down.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 80's and early to mid 90's

Is probably one of the most dynamic periods in the history of pop music. Alternative styles have taken over everything mainstream. Hiphop and Rock n Roll were both affected by this trend of people experimenting with synthesizers and computers. Pure magic was made in the 80s and 90s.

Hip hop had some truly crazy tracks and artists that are true essence of experimental. Anything goes in this period of music, many styles came and went. Here's an example:


sorry 4 sound quality. Anyways, this track is crazy and cool and that's what I gotta say.

Here's me in a towel.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey guys,

I'm takin a day or two off to catch up with school. But when I come back I'm showin everybody some love. Take it easy and share the love friends.

Lison. She's hot as hellll.

Happy Saturday Guys

I'm a keep away from 9/11 topics. Anyways, my back has been frickin killin me lately.

George foreman grills fucking kick ass. I own one and it makes some amazing hamburgers. It's like 5min to make a juicy burger.

That's a pic of me when I was in a hardcore band. Yeah, I said it. Hardcore.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Visioneers - It's Simple

A fantastic jazz/hip hop instrumental. It's light, bouncy and some what seductive in a way they guitar, bass and drum mix. Anyways, I wrote a lil rap for it. Once I get a web cam or something I'll post me actually rapping.


When we cruise the beats the Flo provide,
never lie, guided by moonlight
the sounds smooth, suave and quite right.
Quiet nights bring pleasant sounds.
Goods vibes in ya soul start to surround nearby clouds.
Now ya gettin down. no way to resist the sound.
Debonair. Slick, awesome, fantastic utterly sweet and not dramatic.
Waves of cool keep relaxin. Keep Moses on the track,
bend, groove, slide wiggle. Just dance with me a lil.
Get close to me and the musicality.
Dance on fallen pedals.
Dance with me and you'll be free.

Always choose it. The right mood seems lucid.
Tranquil. Just a dream created by Me.
The epitome of Super Sexy.
In the bed you receive a blessing.
Fantasy of love in your core.
Beggin me askin for more.
Oh my how I adore the love you abhor.
Score, boom goes the dynamite
and I'm sure to win every fight.
You're caught in my iron-sights.

Never leave you alone, keep haunting in the night.
Moses will be here, paladin of holy light.
I smite, and all evil goes away.
And my grimmace starts to fade when I see your pretty face.
Not a rat race when it comes to ya love.
Seems like I fit in lick a glove.
Master Key, truly Mosey slips right in.
Sharp shooter's scopin and your heart's wide open.
Come and take a dip into the Lover's whip we groovin like the ocean.
Love train locomotion, sippin on my love potion,
extremely potent, my heart is pointin
right at yours.

Our hearts intertwine on the beats and when we feel right
the rhymes combine and form love on us the 9th night.
I go high and you lay low, just like the beast prose,
do a sexy pose. Take off ya sexy clothes.
Oh, you know Mose got it and all that.
Took ya from the front, now I want it back.
Smooth like the sax playin on the CD,
i creep in swiftly and come in cozy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey guys! Who's on?

If you're on, what's on your mind? I'm listening.

Also tell me about yourselves. :)

That's me.                              ^^

100+ Followers!

You guys rawk! Srsly if you wanted to you could prolly just rawk right into Mordor. CUZ YOURE THAT AWESOME!! Keep up the love guys! Remember to smile and CREAM is the dream!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Facebook: Why are People So Annoying?

This is my face most of the time when I'm on facebook. I really can't believe some of the shit people from my old highschool think/do/say. Honestly, some of the dumbest shit I've seen/heard has been from facebook statuses and comments. Srsly some dude left a comment on my mom's pic of me and my dad eating sushi all it said was, "YUMMIE LOL" like srsly? Get fucking real. Yummie is so funnie amirite? No. Get the fuck out of facebook you middle aged faggot. Also women: Stop posting fucking lame ass sappy song lyrics. It's not fucking deep. It's not cool and I'm tired of seeing like 50 dudes all commenting with lame ass pick up lines. Oh yeah, your facebook comments made me fucking moist. NOT. Sorry guys, facebook just pisses me off somedays.


Getting ready for class!

Anthropology: Into to witchcraft, magic and Religion.

    Pretty alright class, pretty much preachin to the choir if you're an atheist. I'm going to buy my books today. Just thought I'd make a quick blog before I went to school. Here's cool website called Toonami Aftermath. It's cool if you liked toonami on CartoonNetwork.


Have a good day, remember CREAM is the dream. Share the love. Smile.


Gang Starr - Check The Technique

Yeah, another Guru post, but this is because I heard this awesome song today for the first time. And the lyrics are really dope. So here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJdpVFxbkhM&hd=1

Here's the lyrics:

You puny protozoa, you're so minute you didn't know the
Gang has been watchin but instead of just squashin you
I'm scoopin you up out of the muck you wallow in
Like a cheif chemist, other scientists are followin
Plannin to examine you, on a petrie dish
Sticking you and frickin you, just a teenie bit
I'm clever, with science, but never relyin
On false words from cowards who forever be tryin
Insistin they come off, I let 'em get some off
Then come back wit drum tracks, their ears could get numb off
Blockbustin, like makin love, I'll never stop thrustin
Into your system, so just listen
I'm like a neurosurgeon, operatin wit a purer version
I write prescriptions, of words that fit in
The thought gets prescribed, as I kick it live
Cause it's more that a style, it's conceptual genius
My effect on the scene is, to project that I mean this
You deadbeat, wait until you see my next feat
I get respect for the rep when I speak
Check the technique

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (3x)
"check the technique and see if you can follow it"

I'm rushin you like a defensive end as I recommend
That you comprehend, I could stomp you in
A battle, contest, or war, what will occur
Will be the forfeiture, of your immature
Insecure for sure, meek, weak visions of grandeur
To rudely awaken you, and then'll be breakin you
Taxin without askin and trackin and snakin you
Makin you succumb to the drums of gangstarr
By far we are, truly gifted ones son
But if you were to speculate or estimate us losin
You'll be dyin, tryin to face the fate of your delusions
Cause miscalculation, is all you're statin
So I'm chumpin, puntin punks just like footballs
Cause I wanna put y'all, back in the messhall
To clean up the slop, and stop all the bullcrap
Your rap's crazy wack, so don't try to pull that
You're lackin the vernacular, I'm slappin ya and cappin ya
And closin your jaw, cause you can't mess with gangstarr
The guru and premier always dope with the blessed beats
Dance your ass off hobbes, check the technique

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/check-the-technique-lyrics-gangstarr.html ]

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (4x)

"bon voyage", "sayanora", "arriva derci"
Your ass gets busted doodoo mustard, you tried to work me
You irked me - because you copy and falsify
And I don't care how many step up, cause you all can try
To wish and fish for a style, here's a fishin rod
These rhymes are hittin hard, constantly I'm gettin large
Inevitably, I readily kick a slew
Of lyrics so deep, so don't sleep, but just peep me
Puttin methods on records and spinning for each millisecond
33 rpm's displays the art of men
And as my rhymin builds you see my time it's chill
..and then I look upon weak ones
I'm teachin each one so they become redone
Essays are relayed to twist you up like french braids
Or tied up like corn braids, cause I got a strong way
Force like police raids to never be delayed
I once was the least paid but I made the grade
Cause this ain't a slave sale and I ain't the same stale
Rapper, no, I'm not a phony microphonist wit no blaster
No type of real appeal or real - talent
And it makes me violent man
To see all of these peewee bee mc wannabees
Makin g's for some dumb companies
And lots of money but no idea what is rap and what is dope
So check out what the guru wrote
Cause I will prevail, give you tales as I unveil
Have enough braincells so I can stay paid well
Now I'm in the driver's seat, and rockin the liver beats
Bouncin and boomin and blastin you to the next seat
Shiek and unique with lots of kick like a cleat
Check the technique

(.. chief unique technique..)
(.. chief unique technique..)

[dj premier cuts]
"check the technique.." (3x)
"check the technique and see if you can follow it"

Dope shit kids. 

Also got to meet Iron Mike Tyson today. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Crew: The Moonlighters

Hey guys,
I thought I'd let you guys get to know me a lil better by showing you my friends, The Moonlighters. We get dressed up in suits and hats every friday night and go to iHoP on Las Vegas Blvd, then we hit up Town Square.
We like to take pictures. We like to sing. We make noise. We are harmless. We are the Men who Don Suit and Hats. We are the Moonlighters.

The above picture is me.

This is all of us, the one in front is Jesus. He stole all our hats. The one behind Jesus is my bro Tyler follow by Dr. Dreiman, Josh and me on the ground.

Jesus on the left, Tyler on the right.

A flying pic of me.

Me surprise attacking Dr.Dreiman.

real. life. experience.

Mr. Bosk and Tyler.

a million me's.


You make me feel.

One of our first pictures. Dr. Dreiman, Me (Moses) and Jesus.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

One of The Best Rap Collabo's:

A Buncha Niggas by Heavy D and the Boys features: Guru, BIG, and some other guys. A great party song and has funny lyrics. Quite enjoyable. Nothing profound, just a great song to listen to.


Lemme know if you like it. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Also here's a pic of My niggas: The Moonlighters

This is my shadow priest on WoW, and sadly about 30-45mins ago, my account ran out of prepaid time :( I'm a be bored tomorrow with nothing to do except hit the punching bag. So suggestions would be fun, ya? Nothing stupidly extreme tho haha. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada if that gives you an idea for what I could do for Labour Day. Take it easy my friends!

Parables Are For Fools.

This handsome man is Guru, emcee of Gang Starr. The God of Rap. Guru stands for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal. He's a magnificent rapper who uses powerful words and whitty word play to make great music. He innovated Jazz/Hip Hop fusion with his album series: Guru's Jazzmatazz, which was critically acclaimed... Anyways, this isn't about him. He's just a dude I admire, I wrote a rap that I think he would've appreciated so here it is:


Parables are for fools,
I carry the tools provided to enlighten a crowd,
install a volume button that's not too loud.
Pride is a sin, but you gotta sin to win so I'm proud.
Somethin smells fishy like trout,
I think it's your crappy sound.
Tryin be profound when all you found was the ground.
From there you start to pray, but don't listen to me.
I'll guide you the wrong way.
Killer words spat like addicts to be burned and to be played.
Stay mystified by life and don't forget it's infinite.
Starlight, I'm into it as long your into this.
Nod ya head, bump ya fist I don't give a fuck,
just enlist to my fanship and we can make a kinship,
It's Vegas I win chips, I'm with Flomont.
We rip this. Livin our life the way we want.
Unwarranted aggression is a bad lesson,
if you wanna get hurt don't be testin,
our patience is our weapon.
Flomont's streets ain't for the weak souls.
The darkness secreets minions to reap those,
who do not follow the Master Flows.
Seeds grow to plants, I try to keep it simple,
but fool keep tryin to recant.
They need a relaxant.
Roll a joint and make a track spin.
Make sure it's Moses and make sure Flomont's in.
Tangaray Gin and juice in my tummy,
my rhymes make it sunny,
it's a soul you lack jack so don't be on the attack,
tryin to make millions on words that can't stack.
Words are more than paper,
my words are lightsabers.
fuck paper chasers,
paper chases progress,
so it's no wonder why I'm on this,
I leave the crowds astonished,
hitchin my wagon like the amish.
Moses will never bomb it. Time to get on with it.
The show, you can never plow my snow.
Like an automobile, lyrically on the go.
liek the rose grows from my prose,
I build a scheme to steal the show,
Poverty sucks so you got a lot to live for,
cancel out friends and make cash galore.
You reppin' CREAM for sure,
Never realized you sold your soul.
Shoe's soless, grand dragon Master Moses.
Kickin the tunes, never fakes, flakes or flukes.
Make the box dance like it was a juke.
I puke from weak things that weak emcees speak.
my soul they doth leech, so I beseech the men of flomont street.
To each his own, Master Flowz is home grown.
Rhymes is bright which why they shown.
smoke a blunt and now you feelin blown.
Away and back these words tightly scripted in black,
you can even try to hack, but that wont get ya too much.
Master Flowz ate this beat like it was made for lunch.
Crunch! Like Godzilla to Hiroshima, they call me the smoke blowa.
Show a ho a piece of the pie that Moses flow can't deny.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

They call me Flow Fist

My first boxing video in my front yard. I'm Paul. My opponent is Mikey. Would love feedback :3


Thanks for all the support so far guys, stay kind. :)


Behold the beauty of this fine specimen: Durban Poison.
A weed plant so resilient it is able to be grown under harsh conditions like those in the Ixopo Valley in South Africa. Powerful high.

Now, I live in Vegas. Never seen shit like this. But today out  of all days, I am unable to get marijuana. I dunno how, but for some reason everyone is being flakey. Never happened to me before. My contact list is half full of pot dealers and theyre all at a fucking football game to watch the Rebels get butt-fucked like they usually do. Oh well. Happy tokes bros!

My rap: The Moonlighters

This is to the Sic Sense instrumental: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpNCUrIVr_g

The moon shines so well up there in the night sky,
that's why I'm doin my thing with my crew,
ain't no need to ask why, just sit there and listen to our vibe.
The streets shake from the quake of the bass,
Flomont comin in from outter space,
They way we looks, seems a tad outta place.
Our waists are buckled with mic's and the heads of emcees we slay,
We YAKUZA in the day, and we Moonlighters in the night,
aint no way our rhymes can be seen, they out of sight.
Out of mind, out of the way, watch out for my might.
Despite my small appearance, I'll tear your ass up with my clear fist.
The dear clouds looked like mist, a whisp covering up the Moon.
But the light'll still shine through and bring power to the Flomont crew.
The men who dawn suits and hats are few.
But we seem like many.
And I'm saving up every single penny.

It's a mind blast how fast the world changes,
and still through all this time,
I find myself, stuck, in Vegas.
Tryin to make wages, but there are no stages.
Berserk rage inside, a deep fire, the kind of burnin desire,
that nothin can quell this innerfire, it stays, glowing bright.
The luminosity guides me in my fight,
to get out of this wicked place of no-good blight.
But's aight, I got my team, my crew, my true CREAM.
However my dream is to be on a stage and hear the crowds scream the name:
Aint no pipe in this one, you know why?
I got the passion. So be warey, cuz these rhymes I spit are scary.
I'm daring. Staring straight in the eyes of the Devil and laughing in the face of danger.
Beware, for I hold the eyes of the Ranger.

I'm not a stranger to rap. It's music so don't abuse it.
Just get loose to it. Get juiced to it. Get used it.
It seems to me that you're new to it.
Or new to us, the crew without the crust.
But we're the crew that you should trust,
because we're amazing and utterly astonishing.
My crew stays strong with me, you get caught in the bombing.
Hiroshima, Nagaseki, you'll be dropped if you keep talking.
We're the shadow that is stalking the daylight,
otherwise known as the night. What guides me soul is the moonlight.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is it!

Hey all, I'm new to this so go easy on a brother. I just want to say lets all get a long and make some cash. CREAM is the dream.